Darroch Greer

Darroch Greer is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over thirty years’ experience researching, writing and directing historical documentaries in the fields of American and European history, Native American and Western history, the American Revolution, Lincoln and the Civil War, American movies, and popular music for PBS, Turner Classic Movies, Discovery, VH1, History and others. He co-founded Humanus Documentary Films Foundation with Ron King for which he wrote and co-directed The Millionaires’ Unit—The First U.S. Naval Aviators in WWI and co-wrote and co-directed The Lafayette Escadrille—The American Volunteers Who Flew for France in WWI. The films have played on PBS and won multiple awards.

Darroch has worked as a content developer in the museum and theme park industries. For five years, Darroch was the researcher for the design company of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois. He’s written and designed media for museums and parks in New York City, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, South Korea, China, Jordan, Dubai, Chicago, and Florida involving history and immersive guest experiences.

During Covid, Darroch co-produced with Paul Glenshaw The Seven Tones Project paring musicians and filmmakers to celebrate the music of Duke Ellington in forty short films. He and Paul have formed the French American Documentary Enterprise under the umbrella of Humanus to produce four films highlighting the fundamental tenets of democracy on which the sister republics France and the United States are based in anticipation of America’s semiquincentennial, the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 2026.  Two of the films are in production and one in development: En Route for Revolution, Under Siege—The American Ambassador during the Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune, and Improvising Freedom—Jazz in Paris. The completed Lafayette Escadrille is the third film in the series.